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Lighting + Magnifiers

Lighting + Magnifiers

Bright Workshop Lighting

Fixed Lighting: These lights are placed inside or outside your shop area and stay put, that way you know exactly where you can find the light you need for working.

Flexible Lighting: Sometimes you just need a little extra illumination on a specific point. We carry lamps that are movable, clamp to a worktable, and easy to reposition.

Magnifier Work Lights: Let’s be honest, sometimes you need a little more help than just light to make out the finer details. These magnifiers help bring the small print into focus.

Accessories: These devices help you see under special circumstances, like around corners, in small spaces, or in the dark of night.

Get A Clearer Picture

Workshop lighting helps make sure you can see the project you’re working on clearly and can help you catch all the fine details for better and safer work. We carry the best workshop lights and magnifier work lights to help you get the job done.

The right workshop lighting clears away the shadows and helps you see the details of your work. This creates a safer environment, especially when dealing with power tools.

Whatever your hobby, our LED lights and magnifiers are just what you need to get more enjoyment from it. Don’t forget that all our products are backed by a 90-day guarantee with free returns. Order your workshop lighting from Garrett Wade today.

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