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Plumbing Supplies + Leak Protection

Plumbing Supplies + Leak Protection

Quality Plumbing Hand Tools

Plumbing Hand Tools: Designed for working with pipes, valves, and other plumbing components, these are perfect for unclogging pipes, fixing drips, or basic maintenance.

Electrical Hand Tools: Understanding how to properly maintain and fix your electrical system can save you from a shocking accident or help you renovate your home’s outlets and fixtures.

Utility Hand Tools: While not strictly designed for plumbing or electrical work, you’d be hard-pressed to tackle either kind of job without these handy devices that help you access, install, or better manage these modern conveniences.

Specialty Hand Tools

Plumbing hand tools help you stop leaks and replace pipes for better flow, while electrical hand tools are designed to help you work with electricity safely.

Our specialty hand tools cover a range of applications you’ll encounter when working on your home, shed, or workshop. Each one is made to fill a need that other tools just don’t do a good enough job of meeting.

Many of our tool designs would have been right at home in your parents’ or grandparents’ tool collections. Be sure to take a look at the corresponding tool guides for tips, tricks, and instructions. Get your plumbing hand tools with a 90-day guarantee from Garrett Wade today.

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