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Home & Office Supplies from Garrett Wade

Office and Desk Accessories: These high-quality home & office tools provide charming detail to your desk.

Kitchen Gear: We offer timeless kitchen tools that not only look beautiful but are functional and durable as well. These tools won’t sit in the drawer collecting dust; you’ll find that you can depend on them for daily use.

Scissors and Shears: If you’re tired of scissors not working the way they should, try shears by Garrett Wade. Ours are designed to make clean, precise cuts for years.

Sewing Supplies: Whether you simply need to sew a button, or you’re looking to take on a larger task, we have everything you need to tackle your next sewing project.

Lasting Quality

There was a time when tools for home and office were expertly crafted and could be relied on to work well for decades. It’s true that they don’t always make things like they used to, unless you know where to look.

Here at Garrett Wade, you can find kitchen tools and home office supplies, along with other classically-designed tools, with superior design and construction.

We’ve been sourcing exceptional home & office tools made by craftsmen worldwide for over 40 years. Even now, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, and all of our tools, big or small, are constructed to be heirloom-quality.

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