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Garden Accessories

Garden Accessories

Essential Gardening Tools

There’s just something about puttering around in your garden that makes you feel good. But do you have all your essential gardening tools? At Garrett Wade, we pride ourselves in offering truly unique supplies, lawn, and garden tools. Among our broad selection of lawn and garden tools, avid green thumbs will find the perfect solutions for tackling backyard or indoor growing projects. Whether you’re searching for back savers, garden kneelers, or even tools for harvesting and planting, we are your go-to source for garden supplies created by trusted craftsmen.

Choose Our Essential Gardening Tools

Our various lawn and garden tools are designed to help you through all stages of your growing season. Set up our hand-forged edging to define your garden, and use our bee nests to encourage pollination. Don’t forget to bring the garden kneeler along so that you can easily move about your garden.

Our tools provide timeless value, and many of our tools aren’t available from other U.S. sellers. With them, the gardening process is just as rewarding as the result. Order your essential gardening tools today!

Choose Garrett Wade Today

At Garrett Wade, we are your premier provider of woodworking as well as home and garden tools. Our tools are designed to help save time and effort on tasks by minimizing the need to bend over and by making cuts easier, for example.

We also take pride in offering top-of-the-line customer service. You can call and talk to a tool expert whenever you have questions, and our support team can resolve any issues you have in a jiffy. Place an order for your essential gardening tools today.


Use our flexible mesh grow bags to grow plants inside. These pots are superior to plastic or ceramic planters in that the mesh makes it easier for your root stocks to absorb more oxygen/nutrients and breathe.

Yes and yes. With these beds, you no longer have to kneel on the ground or bend over. You can also bypass ground and soil issues with these garden beds. Your garden will also be less susceptible to weeds when you use these essential gardening tools.

Use our 4-in-1 tester to obtain three helpful readings for your garden: your soil’s temperature, pH, and moisture content. The temperature will indicate when the soil is ready for planting in the spring. The pH will indicate whether the bed needs reconditioning for alkalinity. 

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