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Try Our Garrett Wade Hand Drills

Every woodworker needs an arsenal filled with the right tools, and that should include our well-made drilling tools. For instance, take advantage of the Yankee Push Drills. They come with bits that are essentially self-cleaning. Our curved drill is also handy for comfortably handling precise drilling tasks.

Our Garrett Wade hand drills are made to save time/effort on your woodworking tasks. That’s because they are made with your needs in mind. Follow us on YouTube to learn more about our unparalleled tools.

Why Choose Garrett Wade for Your Tools?

At Garrett Wade, we are proud to be the place where good-quality tools have come first since 1975. Like our hand drills, all of our other heirloom-quality tools are built to last. Because we pride ourselves on our product quality and customer service, we back all of our catalog products by our 90-day guarantee, so you can shop for the tools you need and want with confidence.

Contact us to learn more about how our tools can add value to your future projects!

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