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Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

Proven Shop Safety Equipment

Protective Clothing: From sturdy gloves that are perfect for gardening safety to full aprons, these help keep dangerous materials away from your delicate skin.

Eye Protection: A must-have for woodworking safety, the right eyewear helps make sure your eyes stay safe from wood shavings and other debris.

Respiratory Protection: Your lungs can be easily injured by small particulate and fumes. Respirators help filter the air you breathe to keep you safer.

Emergency Equipment: Whether you need to dress a small wound or make a quick escape from an upstairs window, we have emergency gear for when the worst happens.

Work Safer

Always make sure you have the shop safety gear on hand to make your hobbies safer. Proper gardening safety and woodworking safety relies on the right equipment to protect you from painful mishaps.

Shop safety should always be at the forefront of your mind when planning or working on a project. The appropriate protection is always necessary, whether you’re working alone or showing the next generation the right way to practice the same skills your parents taught you.

Everything we offer is manufactured to strict quality control standards and built to keep you safe for years to come. We’re proud to stand behind our products with a 90-day guarantee with free returns if you aren’t satisfied.

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