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Scissors + Shears

Scissors + Shears

Best Scissors and Shears

Whether you want scissors for cutting hair or cutting fabric, Garrett Wade has curated a unique selection of professional shears and cutting tools for your projects. Our selection of scissors and shears ranges from ultra-fine pieces for miniature sewing and embroidery to heavy-duty sets for canvas and fabric. Known for their precise cuts, these specialized shears are guaranteed to stay sharp from one use to the next. Our premium products are meant to last for decades of crafting and cutting so that you can deliver high-quality results every time you use them.

Best Scissors for All Cutting Needs

Explore our big selection of scissors today to find exactly what you need at Garrett Wade.

Shop super-smooth Japanese kitchen scissors for cutting herbs and chives for your signature dishes. These scissors’ halves come apart effortlessly for easy cleaning. Also, take advantage of our French foldable sewing scissors to complete your tool collection. These exceptionally rare and elegant scissors stand out for their precision every time they are unfolded and folded back.

Our mustache scissors, floral scissors, and candlewick scissors are also among the best scissors around. We even offer time-tested cuticle scissors and hair trimmers that consistently produce professional results. Our scissors sets featuring a letter opener or pliers are also handy to keep around.

Shopping Quality Pieces at Garrett Wade

At Garrett Wade, we’ve searched the world for every possible type of cutting scissor your crafting project might require. When you want scissors that will deliver top-quality crafting work, Garrett Wade is the only place to shop.

In addition to offering the best scissors and shears on the market, we provide heirloom-quality woodworking, home, and gardening tools. We are also known for our matchless customer service, as we believe in putting the customer first in every transaction. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures you can shop with confidence and exchange any product that isn’t up to your standards.

Shop with a store that stands by its products when you choose Garrett Wade today! Request a catalog to start browsing or start your shopping spree here.

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