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Measuring & Layout for Woodworking

Woodworking Measuring Tools

Rulers & Measuring Tapes: Every so often, a job may require a longer-than-usual measuring tape or one that has unique features. Our woodworking measuring tools come in classic styles that reflect timeless functionality.

Calipers: From finely crafted brass calipers to the digital display variety, our carpentry measuring tools help you precisely measure space and distance during your project.

Layout Tools: Our layout tools, such as finely crafted compasses and wheel markers, will help you make your mark before making a single cut.

Squares: Our traditional squares, like the Japanese-style mitre squares, come in elegant, professional designs that have been perfected over decades for optimal precision.

Browse our selection of woodworking measuring tools today to discover how you can streamline your process.

High-Performance Standards

At Garrett Wade, we have been friends with professional carpenters and DIY woodworking enthusiasts since well before our business began in 1975. Every product we curate for our collections is a direct result of our time talking and working with professionals.

Because of our extensive experience with woodworking measuring tools and workshop essentials, we’ve found that premium tools use time-honored manufacturing techniques and high-quality materials. You’ll find that to be the case with all of our products. From measuring tools and layout equipment to clamps, vises, and glue, everything we sell at Garrett Wade delivers heirloom-quality performance.

For more information about our unique tools for woodworking, including dimensions, please review our helpful tool guides. You can also review the tutorial videos on various product pages to learn when and how to use each product.

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