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Craft Tools

Craft Tools

Craft Tool Kits ofUnique Quality

At Garrett Wade, we’ve searched for unique, hard-to-find tools for crafts that you don’t come across every day, and we offer them to you here on our site. In many cases, these designs are based on vintage craft tools that your parents or grandparents would have used for traditional skills.

These timeless designs blend tried-and-true engineering with durable materials to give you great value from a tool you can count on to last. Explore our wide selection of the best craft tools around today.

Superb Craft Tool Kits

Workbench: Tinkerers make the world go round, and small tools are perfect for working at your bench on small items, instruments, and machines.

Woodworking: There is a beauty and consistency to crafts made from luxurious wood. With the right woodworking tools, you can create crafts that last generations.

Sewing: Handmade stitched goods offer a versatile way to create something with love and meaning. Create something that they’ll cherish with better sewing gear.

High-Quality Difference

At Garrett Wade, our quality craft tool kits are perfect for traditional crafting or for adding a traditional flair to modern style. All of our tools have unique stories and are made by some of the best craftsmen from around the world.

We’ve spent 40+ years offering you tools that live up to the same craftsmanship standards you remember your grandparents’ tools having.

Request your free catalog today, or go ahead and order today’s best craft toolsfrom Garrett Wade now.


Don’t limit yourself to one hammer when you can take advantage of our Garrett Wade craft tool kits featuring four types of craft hammers. These kits include a tack hammer with a square-shaped head, a brass hammer with a circular face, a small detail hammer, and a small ball-peen hammer.

Our Italian dressmaker scissors are longer (8”) than traditional scissors. The longer blades make them perfect for accurately cutting pattern pieces for a better garment. Our scissors also feature offset finger holes so that their bottom edge will stay flat against your table—perfect for consistently comfortable cutting.

The perfect craft tool kits for any hobbyist or professional crafter include a bench vise, at least two parallel clamps made of steel, and a dozen probes and picks. Your comprehensive kit should also feature a steel or wood hand vise, a brass caliper, six tweezers, mini pliers (needle nose and flat), and a small steel anvil.

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