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8" Professional Dressmaker Scissors

silky smooth function & exceptionally sharp

For cutting fabric, nothing feels as good as a perfectly made pair of scissors. This medium sized pair is 8" long overall, the finger holes are offset so that the user can keep the bottom edge flat on the table at all times, and the scissor is gold plated – frankly just because it looks so very nice. Any professional would be pleased to use these, and you or another member of your family will be too. The function is silky smooth and the edges are ground perfectly and are as sharp as can be.  Made in Italy.

Individual Items

  • 8" Professional Dressmaker Scissors


    8" Professional Dressmaker Scissors

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A Look Behind-the-Scenes at Our Maker

In an incredibly beautiful mountains range not far from Switzerland is a region of Italy that has been making Scissors for 300 years. Every scissor we sell is made using dozens of individual steps handled by masters. No scissor arrives in our warehouse until a master craftsman hand tests that it feels and cuts right. These aren’t stamped bulk and shipped in mass. They are quality scissors that have blades mated during the process to ensure a tight fit and a sharp blades, you’ll feel the difference on every cut. 


Watch How They're Made

See how Italian master crafters create the line of scissors we are proud to have on our site.

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