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Personal Grooming

Personal Grooming

Personal Grooming Items and Kits

Looking and feeling good is effortless with our personal grooming products from Garrett Wade. We are proud to offer tools that save you both time and effort on tasks, and that includes your personal grooming. Like all of our products, our grooming items stand out for their unparalleled quality and aesthetic appeal, which makes them perfect to use whether you’re at home or traveling. Explore our wide selection of grooming items, and order these game changers today.

Tools and Kits for Personal Grooming

No matter what personal grooming products you’re missing, we've got you covered at Garrett Wade.

Our mustache scissors are strong yet thin and light enough to control with ease. In addition, our thread snips are perfect for all of your trimming tasks, and they make for simply excellent gifts as well. Our shoe horns are also handy for getting shoes on while saving your back every morning.

Explore these and the rest of our versatile personal grooming products and kits today!

The Garrett Wade Difference

When you make a purchase from Garrett Wade, you can be confident that you are buying heirloom-quality products. Close to 85% of our tools aren’t available from other U.S. sellers because they are so unique.

In addition to offering distinct tools, we provide our customers with best-in-class service from the moment they land on our site to the moment they begin to use our products.

Shop now to buy your favorite tools! If you need more information about any of our products, check out our extensive tool guides!


A comprehensive grooming set includes scissors of varying lengths (for instance, 5” and 6”) for the best hair cutting results. Also, look for kits featuring sculpting scissors and even thinning scissors for an even more professional look when it’s time to groom.

A nail brush from Garrett Wade offers the two-pronged benefit of enhancing your appearance and enhancing your health. The brush’s larger brushing area targets the end of your finger, whereas the smaller one is designed to go beneath your nail’s surface. These brushes make great gifts for family and friends as well.

The horn comb is relatively rare today. However, it is an excellent grooming product in that it absorbs oils, is easy to use on hair that’s tangled, and doesn’t generate static electricity.

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