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Hand-Powered Lifting Jack

This easy-to-operate Lifting Jack can help one person accomplish tasks that ordinarily require several. It’s ideal for tackling awkward or heavy tasks on your home-improvement list or in your shop. Each Jack is capable of lifting 300 lbs. up to 5 ¾” off the ground. With a simple squeeze, the Jack can be used to level drywall, hang doors, jack up cabinet ends, adjust wall tiles, and more. It can also help you build a deck, install HVAC systems, level appliances etc, and can also function as a spreader for quick and easy demo work, and even as a handy clamp for construction projects and furniture glue-ups. A quick-release mechanism makes it simple to set and reset. There’s genuinely no end to its usefulness. At this great price you really might want two.

Individual Items

  • Hand Jack Demonstration

    12A05.03  - Available 03/17/2024

    Hand-Powered Lifting Jack


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