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Garden Kneeler + Set of Three "Bomb-Proof" Digging Tools

An Amazing Value Set

Move about the yard and garden with ease with our Mobile Gardening Set. We were instant fans of the Garden Kneeler: Upside down, it’s a kneeler, very useful for gardening and yard work. Flip it over, and it becomes an extra-wide, portable seat that you can use with raised beds, take along to fireworks, soccer games, or as a camp stool. The soft foam seat is 16" x 6½"; the bench is 24" x 11" overall, weight capacity is 330lbs. With a folding, all steel frame that’s easy to store. Comes with a nylon tool caddy with three pockets, to stash the Cast-Aluminum Trowel/Cultivator Set, included here. This popular seller features three tools with an indestructible, cast-aluminum finish. From experience, we know this trio feels good in the hand, with a thumb recess on the handles that provide a surprising amount of control. The Digger Trowel has engraved inch marks to gauge planting depth, and the Scoop Trowel is brawny enough to lever up rocks and small roots. The Cultivator has three substantial claws and an ergonomic curve that makes scrabbling dirt and moving soil a snap. The leather hanging strips are a nice plus. A very utilitarian set offered for substantially less than if you bought them individually.

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  • Garden Kneeler + Set of Three "Bomb-Proof" Digging Tools


    Garden Kneeler + Set of Three "Bomb-Proof" Digging Tools

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