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Pruning Tools

Superior Garrett Wade Pruning Tools

Pole Saws: Instead of calling a landscaper to trim tall branches, use one of our custom saws which can extend your reach an additional 14 feet.

Shears and Loppers: The ratcheting design, like that found in the heavy-duty pruning loppers, allows for more controlled cutting and provides the user with a customizable experience.

Pruning Saws: If you need to cut through brush and traditional shears or loppers won’t do the trick, our selection of pruning saws will cut through even the most difficult of bramble.

Tough Jobs Made Easy

When maintaining a garden, using shears and loppers that quickly dull can be exhausting. Our pruning tools are made to an exceptional quality and are designed to be ergonomic, efficient, and stand the test of time.

When you use our loppers, shears, and pole saws, you’ll be able to do the job right the first time, every time. These pruning instruments have been expertly crafted to make each cut reliable and effective.

Whatever you choose for your next pruning job, you are guaranteed quality with Garrett Wade. See for yourself when you sign up today to receive a copy of our free catalog mailed to your home.

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