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Telescopic Fruit Picker

Collect faster, with less damage & waste

With a reach that extends up to 10’, there will be very few places on a fruit tree that this fruit picker tool can’t get to, even from the ground. A simple cutter above the collection bag, operated by a handgrip at the bottom of the pole, ensures that the fruit will drop safely into the bag (large enough to hold about 10 apples). Whether you have one or two trees or a small orchard, the telescoping fruit picker is a fine and useful piece of gear that lets you harvest your fruit trees without lugging a ladder from place to place.

Faster Picking With The Fruit Picker Tool

This fun telescoping fruit picker makes fruit picking a fun way to spend a fresh and sunny morning with friends or family. We think you’ll love it!

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11G12.18 Telescopic Fruit Picker

Individual Items

  • Telescopic Fruit Picker

    11G12.18  - Available 04/09/2023

    Telescopic Fruit Picker

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