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Weed Control

Weed Control

Garden Weeding Tool

If you love gardening, you already know that weeds are one of your worst enemies. Fortunately, Garrett Wade has the best weeding tools you need to keep them at bay. With our tools, you can easily bid adieu to those nuisance weeds without having to use chemicals, kneel, pull, or bend. Because keeping your garden looking top notch shouldn’t be backbreaking work. Get rid of pesky weeds naturally with our hand weeding tools today!

Eliminate Annoying Weeds Naturally

Searching for an easier way to keep those frustrating, garden-damaging weeds at bay? Try our Grampa’s Weeder, a green weed-pulling innovation. Or, use our Exceptionally Strong Digger, which is a weed control tool designed for everyday gardening tasks, like weeding and planting. This garden weeding tool can even do some light chopping.

Our weeders come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your gardening situation. We’ll gladly help you to select the perfect garden weeding tool for your situation, just contact us with any questions before you buy!

Why Choose Garrett Wade?

At Garrett Wade, we offer quality tools from the best craftsmen globally. Some of our tools are tried-and-true models that have been made the same way for decades because they work the best. With time-tested designs and quality construction, you can confidently pass these tools on for generations.

We also offer a 90-day guarantee with free returns for your convenience; our customers’ needs always come first.

Follow our blog for expert tips on keeping your garden beautiful throughout the seasons. 


If you’re trying to target specific weeds, you can’t go wrong with a Japanese-made root puller. This device eradicates roots and weeds precisely because it can easily be worked in between plants to go after specific growths. Then, the device’s forked head can be dug into the soil to grab intruders from the root.

This type of weeder is one of the best hand weeding tools due to its unique design. Simply hook a weed root using this tool’s two-tined, short fork end. The tool’s ball will behave like a fulcrum to help you to get the job done. The weeder also has a long handle, which provides extra leverage for lifting out dandelions and other tough weeds.

This type of hoe has a blade with an inward curve and an acute angle, and the handle is short (13 inches long). As a result, your arm’s natural movement will pull the hoe’s blade toward you as the hoe enters the dirt. It offers the perfect centuries-old ergonomic design for anyone working near the ground.

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