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Gifts for the Home

Gifts for the Home

Everyday Household Items

At Garrett Wade, we offer you more than just tools for the workshop or garden. We also carry a huge selection of everyday products for nearly every room in your home. So, whether you need to buy housewarming gifts online or you want to gift everyday household items to friends and family for birthdays and holidays, we can help! Browse a special selection of premium-quality home essentials as well as some fun and unique collectibles today.

Our Selection of Household Gifts

From an Italian ice crusher that’s perfect for sweet treats during hot summer days or a vintage set of table knives to gorgeous brass multi-tools or antique outdoor game sets, there’s something for every type of household. Explore decor and utility items that are the perfect fit for your friend’s personality and deliver something they’ll treasure forever!

Quality Items

At Garrett Wade, quality is everything. Whatever everyday household item you buy, you can expect heirloom-quality materials and designs that will last for decades. Our team always goes the extra mile to source products from world-respected brands and manufacturers. Give gifts that last a lifetime when you choose to shop with Garrett Wade today.

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