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Shovels, Forks + Diggers

Shovels, Forks + Diggers

Garden Hand Shovels

Got a green thumb, or trying to develop your green thumb? At Garrett Wade, we make finding the right tool easy. That means no digging around to find the right hand held garden tools. Take a peek at our wide variety of garden tools in our online shop, and don’t forget to also check out our expert blog to learn more about how to care for your garden with our hand-forged garden tools.

Dig into Our Garden Hand Shovels

When it comes to quality construction and time-tested garden digging tools, we at Garrett Wade have you covered! You can expect to use our tools time and time again, then pass them on for generations to come.

From garden hand shovels to digging forks, we have what you need to tackle any tough gardening job. With our tools, you can efficiently dig deep into anything from loose mud to compacted clay-like soils. Explore our tools with confidence today!

The Garrett Wade Difference

Garrett Wade is where tools have come first since 1975. Our tools for gardening, woodworking, and home use have performed reliably for decades, so you can trust our products to hold up from one project to the next for decades.

If you’re not satisfied with your order, no worries! We will immediately fix it or replace it to make things right. We’ll even pay for your return shipping if you reside in the United States. Shop with us today!


This garden fork at Garrett Wade is designed to engage more power from the back and arms when you’re gripping and lifting it. At the same time, the fork prevents stress to the lower back by improving your posture. This makes the fork perfect for digging into rocks and dirt for grubbing and aerating soil in your garden.

Our ergonomic shovels feature wooden shafts that are elegantly curved to make these hand held garden tools exceptionally light yet tough. The shafts combine beautiful and durable poplar and beech woods.

A gardening set should include hand pruners (for cutting woody stems), digger and scoop trowels (for moving small quantities of dirt around), and cultivators (for loosening soil). These tools will enable you to quickly and efficiently complete your essential garden and lawn tasks every season.

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