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19 -1/2" Scandinavian Splitting Hatchet


This Steel hatchets is terrific around the house or the campsite. The Scandinavian Splitting Hatchet’s longer handle provides momentum when chopping, but light enough for kindling, and smaller branches. The unusual shape of the face/cheeks helps prevent sticking. The head is  secured with specially shaped Beech wedges and further anchored with Steel ring wedges – this isn't going anywhere. High-visibility red color on the handle ends makes it easy to spot on the forest floor.

Made to our specifications in Germany by a well respected foundry, comes with a French made leather sheath. Highly recommended.

Dimensions:  Scandinavian Splitting Hatchet: 19 ½” L Overall, Handle: 17” L, Head: 3” x 7”

Individual Items

  • 19 -1/2" Scandinavian Splitting Hatchet


    19 -1/2" Scandinavian Splitting Hatchet

Subtotal: $69.80
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