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Caliper and Compass Set

For Serious Craftsmen & Architects

The heavy-duty instruments in the 7-Piece Caliper & Compass Set bear little resemblance to those you might have used in school. These are rugged, industrial-grade workshop instruments that offer precise results. Black metal stands out against brass accents that all come perfectly fitted in a carry case. If you love minimalist design and simple functionality, this is the perfect set for you!

Caliper Set Details

This set is milled from solid steel, with brass fittings, heavy-duty fitted hinges, and knurled locking nuts. For serious architects, draftsmen, engineers, and woodworkers, the set includes a round caliper, straight caliper, pencil compass, eraser, two pencils, and a brass pencil sharpener.

With so many pieces in a single set and an organizer case to boot, our compass and caliper tools are an amazing value. Browse other measuring and organization tools at Garrett Wade to complete your workspace needs.

Individual Items

  • Caliper Set

    83R02.13  - Available 04/27/2023

    Caliper and Compass Set

    $49.90 $37.95
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