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Gifts for the Crafter

Gifts for the Crafter

Nearly everybody has a crafter in their lives. Someone who is good with their hands, likes to tinker, and always has some half-finished project on their work table. Help them with whatever they’ve got going on when you explore gift ideas for crafters at Garrett Wade. We’ve curated a massive selection of gifts that will help you show them how much you care about their passions. Browse our collection, and let us help you find the best gifts formakers and crafters today.

Excellent Gift Ideas for Crafters

Crafting encompasses so many disciplines that it’s tough to collect enough tools to meet every need. We guarantee that your crafting friend is always missing just one more thing! As you explore our gift ideas for crafters, you’ll see a huge collection of versatile and essential tools, along with some more-specific items that could be exactly what they need. Check out headband magnifiers, hammer sets, carving tools, multi-tools, storage chests, and so much more, right here!

Why Garrett Wade?

Why would you look to Garrett Wade when you want to shop for the best gifts for crafters? Maybe it’s because we’re the experts on heirloom-quality pieces. Everybody wants a tool that surpasses expectations — and that’s what we specialize in providing. Choose Garrett Wade for tools that are designed to last for generations!


For the best crafting gifts on a budget, try an illuminated loupe from Garrett Wade. It will allow any serious crafter to easily inspect an item’s surface blemishes or even examine a chisel edge’s burr up close. Crafters also love our small locking tools, which make it simple to hold onto items while simultaneously completing complicated steps during a project. It’s perfect for the master multi-tasker!

A headband magnifier is a terrific gift idea for any kind of maker. Its magnifying ability is incredibly helpful for crafting, tinkering, or any kind of projects around the house. Our headband magnifier leaves you with both hands free and has multiple magnification levels, so you can work to your heart’s content without needing to stop and adjust a standing magnifying glass.

For crafters who enjoy working on small-scale projects, we recommend our 26 piece small crafts kit. This kit includes a wide variety of small tools, conveniently stored in a zippered case. From clamps and calipers to picks and probes, this kit is one that any crafter will return to again and again.

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