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Yankee Push Drill & Screwdriver Set

We’ve often thought these two tools are a perfect pair. Functionally they complement each other really well.

The Yankee Push Drill was once found in every shop and every job site tool bag. It should be in your “quiver.” It was relied on by generations of woodworkers, active DIY’ers and professional installers, until it was dropped by the maker a few decades ago. We thought so highly of it, that we brought it back – custom made to our exacting specifications. Made, as before, of chrome plated solid brass and beautifully finished. It comes with 8 traditional double- bits fluted (1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64, 1/8, 9/64, 5/32, 11/64""). As you push down, the bit rotates clockwise, cutting the hole. When you stop pushing, the handle springs up and the bit rotates in the reverse direction—essentially self-clearing. Makes a hole up to 1-1/2"" deep.

The Garrett Wade Yankee Screwdriver. Long one of our bestselling, most popular items, the Yankee Screwdriver has been unavailable for some time, and we’re thrilled to announce we’ve brought it back and it’s better than ever. Pressing in on the spring-loaded handle rotates the chuck to turn the bit, and drives the bit with minimal effort thanks to a clever mechanism. Repeated presses drive in your screw with ease, and a simple flick of a switch reverses the gearing for loosening and removing screws. Includes four bits to cover most common uses: 4.5mm Philips/flathead, 5.5mm Philips/flathead, Philips 3S2 (blunt and wide), and size 7 flathead; it also, with its built it quick release hex head, will accept any standard hex bit from your collection. This model is identical to our previous one apart from the addition of a brass chuck, which we quite like. Measures 9 ¾” closed and 12 ½” extended. Welcome back!

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  • Yankee Push Drill & Screwdriver Set


    Yankee Push Drill & Screwdriver Set

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