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Solid Brass Quick-Change Garden Hose Fittings

Make watering your garden almost effortless.

Brass Hose Connector Hardware

Don’t let a leaky plastic hose connector get you down. Brass is far superior to plastic, resisting weathering and corrosion to give you fixtures with long service life. These fittings turn standard threaded hoses, pipes, and spigots into quick-change fixtures for easier switching. That means less time bent over struggling with wet hose connectors. They’re also a great way to join two (or more) hoses together to hit the farthest reaches of your yard or garden.

Solid machined brass fittings are infinitely superior in durability to plastic-hardly more expensive, they're simply a better value. These convert standard screw-on fittings to quick-connect, allowing rapid changing of accessories and rapid movement of the hose from faucet to faucet. In addition, if you need to increase the length of your hose, the hose connector can also be used to attach two hoses together.

The Female adapter (#1) screws directly to the tap. The tap-end connector (#2) screws into the tap end of the hose and snaps into (#1).

The Hose-end connector (#4) screws to the male threaded end of the hose. (Ours also has an automatic water-stop valve in it, which closes instantly when disconnected.) Finally, the male adaptor (#3) screws into the nozzle or other spray device and is then snapped in (#4), completing the assembly from tap to nozzle.

The Quick Connect Hose Connector Set includes one each of (#1), (#2), (#3), & (#4). Get additional female adaptors (#1) and extra male adaptors (#4) to equip more taps and more spraying accessories with a quick connect function using the same hose.

Durable Gardening Equipment

Two of the biggest things we consider with the tools we offer is how long they last and if they make our work a little easier. It’s how you know you have something that provides a great value. Be sure to take a look at our product demonstrations to see just how easy these fixtures make connecting your hoses. Get your brass hose connector hardware online from Garrett Wade today.

If you would like to place a bulk order for this item, please get in contact with our dedicated Wholesale Customer Service Representative here.

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