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Hand-Forged Twine Holder

Experience a Quality Twine Holder

This hand-forged twine holder is perfect for your crafting room for gift-wrapping, recycling cardboard, and more. Or, take it outside in the garden to tie off your tomatoes and peas.

Our lovely Forged Iron Jute Holder looks like something out of Colonial America. Crafted by one of our go-to blacksmiths, this twine holder with a metal thread stand has a rugged, hammered look that adds style and function to your workshop or crafting room. It has two holes on the vertical shaft that make it wall-mountable (hardware not included), a hanger for scissors, and a hook at the top to guide your twine. It’s heavy enough that it works hands-free on your desk or work table. The spool is about 8” tall, so it works in tandem with our 155-foot rolls of Jute or any twine you might have.

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  • Hand Forged Twine Holder


    Hand-Forged Twine Holder

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