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Forged Flat Iron Rack with 5 S-Hooks

Crafted by our blacksmiths from timeless and durable forged iron, this sturdy rack and set of five matching hooks gives you a customizable storage solution to match just about any need or décor scheme. The hooks slip tightly into place on the rack, and you can use as few or as many as you require, and once in place, they won’t slide out of position without effort. We think it’s perfect for keeping your most frequently used pots and pans within easy reach—particularly nonstick ones, whose delicate coatings don’t stand up well to stacking in a cupboard. It works equally well in an entryway or mud room for coats and hats, or any space that could use a little extra hanging storage. Measures 16 ¾” total, and the mounting holes will line up perfectly with your home’s 16-on-center studs to ensure the strongest, most secure hold possible. Each hook measures 4” and features a tapered and turned-down end.

We carry a set of 8 #8 Phillips head screws (sold separately) that are designed to mount this item.

Individual Items

  • Forged Flat Iron Rack with 5 S-Hooks

    89A05.35  - Available 09/22/2023

    Forged Flat Iron Rack with 5 S-Hooks

Subtotal: $38.80

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