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Hand-Forged Garden Edging / Fence

We love this garden edging as a quick way to make border fencing; they're perfect for elegantly defining a walkway, garden bed, or garden's edge. Each forged metal bracket has a 90-degree loop with an eye on one side and a spike on the other.

Simply drop the spiked side through the eye of the next piece to connect all five (or as many as you'd like). It creates a solid, great-looking section of fencing that's easy to push into the soil to your desired height. Each loop section is 6" wide and 16" tall. We sell these in sets of 5 loops with one metal "spike" to cleanly end the run. Each set covers roughly a 30" span, so you can get as much or as little as you need. Hand-made from wrought iron with a matte black finish.

Individual Items

  • Garden Fence Set of 5 w/Rod

  • Garden Fence Set of 5 w/o Rod

  • Garden Fence Rod

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