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12-Piece Rotary Engraving Set

There are countless home repairs, hobbies, and crafts that will benefit from this 12-piece rotary engraver. Its variable speeds will cover all manner of tasks: engraving, painting, marking, polishing, drilling, trimming, etc.; while the various tips tackle materials such as stainless steel, ceramic, metal, stone, glass, plastic, wood, plaster--even fingernails! The tips include: two elastic mounted cylinder tip points with 3 mm wide shanks for grinding and polishing; four diamond mounted points (2 ball, 1 cone, & 1 cylinder) with 2.34 mm wide shanks for fine finishing detail work; two cylinder tip felt bobs with 3 mm wide shanks for polishing; and four standard mounted points (2 disc, 1 cone, & 1 cylinder) with 2.34 mm wide shanks for abrading and polishing. This is a really helpful tool to have in your drawer or workshop, and you’ll find endless uses for it in your workday. Comes with an AC adapter included.

Product Specs/Dimensions

Overall Material Plastic
Overall Width 1"
Overall Length 6"
Overall Height 1"
Overall Weight 0.2 lbs.
Overall Diameter 1"

Individual Items

  • 12 Piece Rotary Engraving Set


    12-Piece Rotary Engraving Set

    $57.50 $39.98

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