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48 Piece Ratcheting Stubby Driver & Bit Set

A Compact Driver With All The Bits You’ll Need

Our new compact 48-Piece Driver and Bit Set is a cut above other standard options. It features a compact, ratcheting, reversible driver that fits right in your palm. It’s all organized in a heavy-duty plastic storage case, containing rows of bit-docks that lay flat or flip up for easier vertical access to the bits. Purchase this ratcheting driver set for your workshop or as a gift for a friend from Garrett Wade!

Driver Set Specifications

The creators of this ratcheting driver set have thought of everything from convenience to performance. The Stubby Handle clicks into a dock on the outside of the case to make carrying simple and easy, while the drivers’ slightly-flexible shanks can bend 15-30 degrees, allowing you to get into tight spaces.

The 48 pieces include:

  • 32–25mm X ¼” Hex Bits: (Philips, Pozidrive, Slotted, & Hex)
  • 13–5mm X ¼” Hex Bits: (Philips, Pozidrive, Torx, & Slotted)
  • 1 Reversible Palm Ratchet Screwdriver Handle
  • 1 Magnetic Bit Holder
  • 1 Quick Release Bit Holder

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Individual Items

  • 48 Piece Ratcheting Stubby Driver & Bit Set


    48 Piece Ratcheting Stubby Driver & Bit Set

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