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Dryer Lint-Trap Brush

It’s vitally important to clean the lint trap every time we run our clothes dryer.  It drastically improves your dryer’s performance, resulting in drier clothes in less time, it also extends your machine’s life, and helps prevents fires. (Uncleaned lint traps actually result in thousands of house fires every year.)  And while we all love peeling off that big, solid sheet of lint from the screen before drying a load of clothes, cleaning the actual trap itself removes even more lint—and, with it, more risk.  This simple, elegantly designed brush has just the right bend and flexes to match the contour of standard lint traps, enabling it to grab up any little particles that might otherwise build up over repeated cycles.  Measures 21” long and 2 ¾” wide.  A small investment to protect an expensive major appliance, and then some.

Overall Dimensions

Width  2.75"
Length  21"
Height  2.5"

Individual Items

  • Dryer Lint-Trap Brush


    Dryer Lint-Trap Brush


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