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Durable Miracle Eraser Set

Amazingly effective

Do scuffed sneakers, baseboard smudges, dirty metal tools, and mystery handprints on your wallpaper drive you up the wall? You must try this Special Household Eraser Set. Made in Germany, these erasers remove dirt from 4 different hard-to-clean surfaces. The wallpaper eraser cleans both painted walls and wallpaper. Buff out leather, clothing, and furniture scuffs with the leather eraser. The metal eraser will wipe clean your metal tools and cutlery. At the same time, the floor eraser eliminates dirt on your hardwood, linoleum, laminate, and ceramic flooring. The set also comes with its own plastic storage case and instructions filled with tips and tricks for erasing on different materials.

Best Uses: Best for cleaning wallpaper, leather, wood and metal

Materials: The metal eraser is made of natural rubber with fine abrasives. The leather, wallpaper, and floor erasers are made of synthetic materials

Dimensions: each measures 1 1/8"" × 3/4"" × 2"". Overall package: 6"" x 2.75"" 1.25"

Individual Items

  • Durable Miracle Eraser Set


    Durable Miracle Eraser Set


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