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Hex Ratchet (Imp.)

This is really a return of our favorite Allen key tools after years off the market. A bent steel hex-shaped handle (often called an “Allen key” or "Allen wrench") is one of those simple tools we reach for repeatedly. Yet using them can be very slow going indeed, because the end often needs to be reinserted again and again. This remarkably simple all-steel tool is a permanent solution. Left/right ratcheting, with a 360˚ rotating handle, speeds your work, and allows you to get rid of those loose allen keys cluttering your tool box. Each set comes in 9 sizes, either imperial (5/64 to 1/4 ") or metric (1.5mm to 6mm) sets.

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  • Hex Ratchet (Imp.)


    Hex Ratchet (Imp.)

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