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Keel and Hull Clamp Support for Model Makers

If you’ve ever experienced the singular pleasure of building wooden model boats, you’ll know it takes a lot of precision to ensure the best results. To get this precision you need to have high quality tools, a steady hand, a sharp eye (or magnifier), and a solid immovable base to rest your vessel upon. Enter our Keel and Hull Clamp Support, which anchors snugly to your tabletop and holds your boat model steady at a comfortable height in a firm grip along the hull. A single pivot point lets you tilt the craft for access, and zero oscillation lets you concentrate on the task at hand without worrying about a stray motion ruining your work. Use for planking, painting, and building after you’ve assembled the hull. A pair of metal clamps is included for securing the support to the table. Easy assembly. We recommend sanding and sealing the wood for greater longevity.

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  • Keel/Hull Clamp Support


    Keel and Hull Clamp Support for Model Makers

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