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Bailey Van Tassel Favorites

Bailey Van Tassel Favorites

Vintage Home Goods

Specialty home goods, including home gardening tools, take us back to bygone times that we can now relive in our modern homes and gardens. That’s why we’re proud to offer vintage products by Bailey Van Tassel at Garrett Wade.

Perhaps you’re looking for vintage home goods like a seed library that will add character and organization to your gardening space. Or, maybe you’re searching for a cast-aluminum cultivator/trowel set that will stand the test of time. Maybe you’d like a hand-forged twine holder that highlights previous generations’ ingenuity. We've got you covered at Garret Wade!

Why Purchase Tools from Garrett Wade?

At Garrett Wade, we have developed a reputation for offering tools with time-tested designs and quality construction. You can expect to pass these beauties on for generations.

Note that some of our tools are tried-and-true models that have been created the same way for decades because they work the best. Additionally, between 70% and 85% of our tools aren’t available from other United States sellers. This means that when you purchase tools from us, you are getting truly one-of-a-kind tools.

Order your favorite tools and home goods now!

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