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Weather Instruments

Weather Instruments

Weather Instruments

Humans throughout history have had to reckon with patterns and forces of nature beyond their control. Hunting, farming, traveling, and building are all dependent on the right conditions; as a result, the ability to assess and predict the weather has always been essential. Successive generations of early humans learned how to read signs that abound in nature, and to use them to their communities’ advantage. In much of the world, this knowledge is still in constant use, but in many other parts, these skills have faded as we have grown to rely on technology.

Fortunately, this reliance has led to the inexorable improvement of those technologies, and now anyone with a smartphone can, at a glance, know what the temperature and forecast is, not only in their location, but in nearly any location they enter into their weather app.

Combination moisture reader

So far, so good. But there’s a level of knowledge and personalization that can’t be found on your phone. For these situations, we continue to rely on time tested methods–dependable physical instruments that show us what’s happening exactly where they are needed. Be they kitchen thermometers, barometers, hydro-thermometers, or hygrometers, there’s a range of information available, in a range of styles from retro to sleek and modern, to advanced digital displays.

outdoor Thermometer

Suppose you need to know the exact surface or interior moisture level in your wood shop, where you are seasoning boardwood? Our Combination Moisture Meter can help you determine the conditions. You know it’s warming up this afternoon in the nearby town, but what about the tomato plants in the shade of your house? A quick look at one of our Outdoor Thermometers will tell you. Some are purely functional, and some combine function and accuracy with classic good looks, like our Desktop Comfort Meter, which gives you both temperature and room humidity in a handsome brass case, elegant display, and color-coded comfort zones.

Sometimes we just want to affirm our senses–yep, it’s mighty cold out there! And sometimes that information is crucial to our work or well-being. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered. Don’t let this stop you from learning those valuable outdoor skills, but it’s good to know the technology is there for you.

Written by Garrett Wade

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