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Kitchen Tools

Kitchen Tools

Heirloom-Quality Kitchen Gear

There’s a reason your grandparents and great-grandparents were able to pass down their kitchen tools—they were built to last. Most stores don’t carry heirloom-quality kitchen tools and equipment. However, at Garrett Wade, we pride ourselves on our unique and highly durable products that will bring warmth to your home. Our largevariety of kitchen tools makes it easy for you to handle a meal from start to finish.

Reliable Kitchen Equipment

Graters and Mixers: A must-have for every kitchen, our graters and mixers are stunning to look at, but they’re also extraordinarily durable. These hand tools provide the same ease of use without the need for electricity or batteries.

Knives: Carving the Thanksgiving turkey or preparing family dinner is a breeze with vintage kitchen knives.

Accessories: Having vintage-style accessories in your kitchen will give this crucial space a sense of authentic elegance, as well as quality you can rely on for years to come.

Shop Garrett Wade Today

If you have been on the search for unsurpassed tools that save time and effort in the kitchen, workshop, or garden, your search ends here at Garrett Wade. Our kitchen gear and other tools stand out for their matchless quality and unique vintage designs.

We are so confident in our fantastic kitchen tools and equipment that we offer a 90-day guarantee. We also offer high-level customer service: You can call to talk to one of our tools experts about any tool you’re interested in purchasing.

Order your favorite tools today, and feel free to order as a gift for a friend, too!


Our shallow, Japanese-made tea kettle features an unusually low profile. This kettle’s larger heating surface allows it to boil water more quickly than other tea kettles can. Plus, this kitchen gear is stackable, so feel free to provide your guests with multiple pots of brewed tea at dinner time.

You won’t be disappointed with our Italian-made knife sharpener. This manual sharpener works well for kitchen knives, folding pocket knives, and even fixed-blade knives. The sharpener is wear-resistant, hard, simple to use, and produces rapid results.

Try our egg timer at Garrett Wade. This timer actually sits in your eggs’ water with them while they cook to gauge cooking time. You’ll see the time color change when the eggs are hard-boiled, medium, or soft, depending on your preference.

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