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New Tools

New Tools

Best New Tools

Are you looking for new hand tools to make your job easier? You’ll likely find it here! All of our tools are made to exceed your expectations, and we stand out for our tools’ exceptional craftsmanship. Our gardening and workshop tools reliably perform for decades. They also allow for less bending over, easier cuts, and many other performance upgrades. Now is an excellent time to treat yourself to a new tool. Experience the power, beauty, and convenience of our tools for yourself!

Browse Heirloom-Quality Tools

We aim to be your go-to source for all types of tools for virtually any project. We have the best new tools for woodworking and gardening, as well as the equipment you need to maintain and develop your outdoor space and your home or office. Sourced from reputable craftsmen from all over the world, we’re proud to offer these new items, as well as a wide selection of vintage options.

Most of these tools aren’t available from other U.S. sellers, so our inventory is fantastic if you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind tool gift for someone special.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Guarantee

We’re confident that you’re going to be pleased with your purchase. That’s why all Garrett Wade products are backed by our generous 90-day guarantee that includes free returns. Using the best new tools naturally yields better results, and you’ll find that these top-of-the-line products make your work so much more enjoyable. Get inspired and motivated with some new hand tools!

If you need more information about any of our tools, check out our tool guides. Be sure to subscribe to our email list so you don’t miss updates on our newest arrivals.


What are some unique tools?
If you’re used to Western tools, we highly recommend learning about Japanese tools! Besides their unique designs, Japanese woodworking saws and garden tools are known for their outstanding build quality. Alternatively, one of the best new tools you might not be familiar with is the Brass Capsule Multi-Tool.

What is the first step in using hand tools?
When using any new tool, learning about how to use it properly should always be your highest priority, for both safety reasons and to ensure that you don’t blunder your project! Never use a tool until you’re confident that you’re using it correctly. Even the most skilled and experienced craftspeople can make mistakes, so do yourself a favor and learn the basics.

How do you take care of hand tools?
Proper maintenance is the key to keeping your new hand tools in excellent condition for many decades to come. After all, even the world’s best new tools are susceptible to wear and tear. Make a habit of wiping down your hand tools after every use. This simple step will make a tremendous difference in extending the lifespan of your tools. 

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