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10" All Brass Oil Lamp

These beautiful Solid Brass lamps are now available in two sizes: Standard (8") and Large (10"), and will burn either standard lamp oil or kerosene equally well for hours before a refill is needed. The standard 8" size is also available in two additional models: Brass/Copper and Brass/Stainless Steel (S.S.). The design for each of these is exactly the same, as the metals are the only difference. Which one appeals to you is entirely a matter of personal preference. Exquisitely made by hand, both are traditional and classic and will look great whether displayed on a table surface or hanging from the special Brass Wall Mount, which fits either size. The solid Copper Filling Funnel is an excellent optional item, and helps when adding fuel on all oil lamps. Fuel is easily available locally.

87A01.01 Solid Brass Oil Lamp

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  • 10" All Brass Oil Lamp


    10" All Brass Oil Lamp


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