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10 Large Clamps

These may be the most unassuming tools we have ever seen, but also perhaps the most useful. Frankly, we have never seen anything like them. They will be absolutely great in the shop and all around the house (even in the kitchen, or to hang bar rags).

Each clamp has two rubber gripping pads and uses an integral lever to close the clamp to its final position. The lever will hold its position at any point. The Large Clamp has a capacity of 1-1/16" max opening to zero.

These are not fancy tools but are very, very useful-and very inexpensive. We recommend them very highly. Available in sets of 10 each and in a master kit of 20 (10 of each size). Made In India.

Individual Items

  • 10 Large Clamps

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    10 Large Clamps

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