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10" Mesh Miner's Oil Lamp

In the 19th century British coal miners used safety lamps invented by Sir Humphry Davy. Sir Humphry had discovered that a flame enclosed inside a fine mesh cannot ignite outside gasses. The screen acts as a flame arrestor. Although not a safety lamp, this beautiful table lamp mimics the design of the Davy lamp with its fine mesh exhaust at the top. (It also has greater glass area than our other oil lamps of a similar size. It is beautifully made by hand and will burn either standard lamp oil or kerosene equally well for hours before a refill is needed. Either fuel will be available locally. Two sizes are available - 8" and 10" tall, identical except for size.


87A01/18 Mesh Miner's Oil Lamp

Individual Items

  • 10" Mesh Miner's Oil Lamp


    10" Mesh Miner's Oil Lamp

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