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10-Piece Wooden Carving Set

Behind the lid of this handsome Kirin wood box is a great 10-piece carving set designed for mokuhanga, the Japanese art of woodblock carving. This set is a fine collection of quality carving tools, and is very suitable for beginners or more advanced users. The glossy brown painted birchwood handles provide solid steady guidance of the sharp steel blades, allowing a firm, relaxed grip as you work. Included in the set’s 10 pieces are a 4.5 mm and 12 mm flat chisel, a 7.5 mm gouge, a 7.5 mm knife, a 3 mm V-gouge, a 9 mm shallow gouge, a 7.5 mm left hand knife, and three U-gouges sized 3, 6, and 9 mm.

Overall length 6 ½”, with a 5 ¾” blade. Plastic slip-on blade coverings are provided. While designed for woodblock carving this makes an excellent (and affordable) all around carving set for smaller projects.

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  • 10-Piece  Wooden Carving Set


    10-Piece Wooden Carving Set

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