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10¾” Vintage French Slicing Knife

Knifemaking craftsmanship from Thiers

We’re always excited to find and share with you another trove of classic high-quality cutlery, and these Three Vintage French Slicing Knives are the latest example of knifemaking craftsmanship from Thiers, France, long a traditional center for this art. The first is a Yatagan-style blade with an elegant curve, while the other two are a more classic tapered shape. All three knives feature rosewood handles with Brass bolsters and three Brass rivets. They are truly beautiful tools, and will perform exceptionally well in the kitchen on a variety of materials. We recommend washing by hand instead of using your dishwasher in order to preserve their quality. The Yatagan measures 12¾” long overall, with an 8¼” blade and a 4½” handle; the other two slicing knives measure, respectively, 12½” long overall, with a 7½” blade and a 5” handle; and 10¾” long overall, with a 6½” blade and a 4¼” handle.


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  • 10¾” Vintage French Slicing Knife

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    10¾” Vintage French Slicing Knife

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