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10X Scaling Loupe

10x magnification and LED illuminated

The loupe has always been a well-loved inspection tool here at Garrett Wade. We use them for inspecting custom work, printed images and even wood grain. This 10X illuminated loupe is an outstanding performer. Rightfully called an optical comparator, it has a reticle that will accurately measure objects in metric and standard units. Use it to measure (or compare) lengths, diameters, radii, angles, pitch and thicknesses. It has a ring of 8 LED's that shed a bright, evenly distributed light on your subject for glare-free viewing. The lenses are distortion free and the reticle markings are crisp. It is well used by machinists and inspectors and we know it will be appreciated in a variety of other applications. Gardeners, naturalists, and other "nature" observers will find it remarkable, so will craftsmen, and tinkerers. Makes a fantastic gift. Comes in a lined protective leather case.

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  • 10X Scaling Loupe


    10X Scaling Loupe

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