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12" Pruning Saw with Wood Holster

Japanese Tri-grind Fast-cut Tooth Pattern

A lightweight pruning saw of moderate size, simple to use and easy to tote, is a handy tool indeed for garden and lawn maintenance. A 12” blade and hardwood pistol grip carved to fit a natural arm and shoulder motion, and efficient line-of-sight cutting is ideal. With a Japanese-style tri-grind tooth pattern for super-fast cutting and clean, smooth results. The solid hardwood traditional holster has a belt loop for easy carry – you can safely “house” the blade on your hip and forget it until you need to put it to use again. Extremely fast-cutting; best suited for lightweight limbs and vines yet capable of cutting a heavier 3” branch when called upon. The saw alone weighs 6oz.; with the holster, 11oz. Handsome and every-day-handy, the Lightweight Pruning Saw is recommended for arborists, horticulturalists and home gardeners. A great value!

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  • 12" Pruning Saw with Wood Holster


    12" Pruning Saw with Wood Holster

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