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124 Gallon Plastic-Free Composter

discover just how easy and rewarding composting can really be

This new French-made composter is made solely of galvanized steel and treated wood construction. Measuring 30” x 30” x 36” tall, it has a very large 124-gallon capacity with feet, trap door, and covers made of galvanized steel. No compost accelerator is required, as the open design provides plenty of ventilation. The wood slats are treated in an autoclave using a process that strengthens and preserves the wood with copper and ammonia. It is designed to be used all year long for many years and can handle any weather.

Composting your kitchen scraps, coffee, grounds, and yard refuse is a tremendous aid to both your home garden and our environment in general. It provides wonderfully fertile soil while keeping dangerous methane gases from forming in landfills. Assemble in minutes with just a Philips head screwdriver.

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  • 124 Gallon Plastic-Free Composter

    40A01.06  - Available 04/17/2023

    124 Gallon Plastic-Free Composter

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