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14 Piece Lockpick Set in Zippered Case

Adding to our growing collection of very popular lockpicking kits is this terrific set of high quality picking tools, offered in an attractive and handy zippered black carrying case to keep them protected and organized wherever you may take them.  Inside the case are nine finely made precision stainless steel lock picks, a broken-key extractor (a very useful item you’ll be glad to have), four tensioning tools of different sizes (to accommodate almost any type of lock channel you may encounter), and nine slide-on rubberized grips to make handling easier.  The compact case has slots for keeping your tension tools separate, while the group of picks occupy the remaining space.  This is a great go-to set, and perfect for keeping in the car, your toolbox, or anywhere you may need it at hand.  Makes a great gift as well for the picking enthusiast in your life.  Made in the USA.

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  • 14 Piece Lockpick Set in Zippered Case


    14 Piece Lockpick Set in Zippered Case

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