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14" Tenon Saw

Made in Sheffield, England

A few tools are mandatory if you plan on cutting fine joinery by hand, and a well-made tenon saw is one of them. This is a workhorse backsaw—far more precise and agile than a panel saw but faster and aggressive than a dovetail saw—and its weighty brass back powers your cut and ensures a dead-straight blade through the most temperamental softwoods or the hardest exotic tropical hardwoods. It excels at cutting its namesake joints, of course, but can also be employed to cut boards to length, create dados, or cut miters with the aid of a miter box (or without, if you’re feeling brave!). Ours is filed crosscut with a relatively fine 15tpi, resulting in a cleaner finished surface with less chance of tear-out.

Produced by Thomas Flinn in Sheffield, England, the Pax Tenon Saw lives up to the legacy of this hallowed tool-producing borough. The beech handle features solid brass screws, and the blade depth is 3 ⅛”.

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  • 14" Tenon Saw


    14" Tenon Saw

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