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Extra Long Stainless-Steel Tongs

When you’re out working the grill this summer feeding your family and friends, you’ll be able to reach, grip, and maneuver without worrying about getting too close to flame or losing your food. These extra-large cooking tongs are long enough to comfortably wrangle a nice big section of ribs, steak, kebabs, etc., and feature a jaw design that holds the meat securely as you move and flip for that perfect sear. Made of stainless steel, they have rippled handles for better grip and heat dispersal and feel great in the hand; their spring action has the perfect tensile strength without requiring too much pressure. All in all, they’re perfect tools for the summer and fall season, and should be a standard part of your grill set. Get a second pair for the kitchen. Measure 17 ¾” L overall x ⅞” W at the tip.


Individual Items

  • 17” Extra Long Stainless-Steel Tongs


    Extra Long Stainless-Steel Tongs

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