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18 Piece Interchangeable Precision Tool Set

This handy little set gathers together in one collection a myriad of precision items that we are often in need of for specific tasks. Many of us wind up collecting the tools piecemeal, and then, when we need one, rummaging through drawers for the specific tool.  Now with this neatly organized package, you can keep them all in one place anywhere in your home, shop, or even on your belt.  Included here are 6 files (flat, round, half-round, hand, square, & triangle); 3 double-ended Phillips/Flathead torque bits in 3 sizes; 4 picks & hooks (full, angle, 90°, and straight pick; and a telescoping magnetic pickup tool.  The lightweight but durable plastic handle has a quick release chuck to make it easy to swap parts in and out, and an independent rotating action to allow one-handed operation.  You may find yourself wanting to keep one in the house and one in the shop or car.

Overall Dimensions

 Width  3/4"
 Length  8"
 Weight  .4 lbs.


Individual Items

  • 18 Piece Interchangeable Precision Tool Set


    18 Piece Interchangeable Precision Tool Set

Subtotal: $42.50
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