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19th Century Vintage English Molding Planes

As with our Vintage American Molding Planes, we recently uncovered these professional cabinetmakers’ molding planes from the UK and are thrilled to be able to offer you a set of genuine antique tools that are still in prime working order.

These vintage molding planes were made in England in the 1800s—perhaps the pinnacle of toolmaking on this planet in both location and era. Available in two profile categoriesComplex Profile planes or more basic planes such as Hollows, Rounds, and Beads. The planes bear various maker's markings such as Sims of London, or Edward Preston & Sons, or other makers.

These aren’t simple rabbet planes—they’re genuine molding planes that will cut a decorative edge on any board in minutes. Practice on a scrap until you get the feel for it (and you’ll get the feel quickly). These tools are responsive and intuitive, and they’re quicker and more convenient than a noisy, dusty router. The feel of these planes in your hand as they slice away ribbons of wood to create an ornamental edge … well, it’s a feeling you get hooked on. Use them alone or in combination to create moldings of varying complexity.


Individual Items

  • English Molding Plane

  • English Complex Molding Plane

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