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3 Small Pocket Knives

A Sturdy, Very Handy, Small Personal Pocket Knife

A Sturdy, Very Handy, Small Personal Pocket Knife. Most small knives have a "delicate" quality about them. This one is anything but. Although small (easy to always have with you) with a 2-1/8" single blade, it's aluminum body makes it light and the liner-lock blade control is simple. And the wider body (for its length) means that the blade can be unusually wide too - making it exceptionally sturdy. We love it. We are very confident you will too. It has the Garrett Wade logo on the side.

Product Specs/Dimensions

Knife Type Folding
Knife Length (in.) 5"
Blade Length (in.) 1-7/8"
Handle Length (in.) 2-3/4"
Folded/Closed Length (in.) 2-3/4"
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Handle Material Stainless Steel
RC Hardness 55/60 HRc

Individual Items

  • 3 Small Pocket Knives


    3 Small Pocket Knives

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